Legal counsel and services to business owners for 23 years.

Representative Client Businesses
Beckett Center West Chester, Ohio

Business plans, what goes in a business plan, choice of entity legal and factual considerations -- the basics of getting started ... details »

Where to look for money, what to guard against, loans and equity financing -- getting someone to loan you money or to invest in your business by buying a part of the business... details »

Running your business right -- legal, tax, and regulatory matters and compliance, handling employees, when employees are W-2 employees or 1099 independent contractors, pay issues and employee benefits, preventing employees from competing (noncompetition agreements), records and documents to maintain or preserve limited liability, contracts, leases, etc... details »

Buying or selling a business or assets, due diligence, protecting ownership through buy-sells (either redemption agreements or cross-purchase agreements). ... details »

Why write a will?  What can trusts do for you?  Avoiding probate.  Avoiding guardianship.  Estate tax basics.  Succession. ... details »

Here’s how I bill and how I operate my office, what you can expect to pay and what you can expect to get, why you benefit from working with me ... details »

View the complete resume for Patrick Nesbitt, Attorney. Available to view in PDF format (get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader) ... details »

Representative Client Businesses Legal counsel and services to business owners for over 30 years ... details »

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